Friday, July 1, 2011

Random thoughts as one post :-)

My friend 'M' was in the hospital having a procedure done on her heart this week. Doctors were trying to stop some of the worst arrhythmia the doctor had ever seen. I thought visiting her in the hospital would be really hard for me to do,but it wasn't. Actually most days, I feel just like Thomas C., who also sustained a TBI, "I feel different now, I don't feel alive." However, spending the day with 'M' was one of the few times in the last six years (since the aneurysm) I have actually felt alive! It is amazing what a little 'M' therapy can do :-)

Now, when I was in the hospital I had to have a hole drilled into my skull to relieve the pressure building in my head. The "hole in my head was literally saving my life. It is commonly defined as a "Ventriculostomy is a neurosurgical procedure that involves creating a hole ("ostomy") within a cerebral ventricle for drainage. It is done by surgically penetrating the skull, dura mater, and brain such that the ventricle of the brain is accessed. When catheter drainage is temporary, it is commonly referred to as an external ventricular drain, or EVD." One of my Aunts, much later in my recovery, said that she will never look at the expression "I need that (insert object here) like another hole in my head". I too have never looked at that expression in the same way! 'M' had ablation procedure(Ablation is removal of material from the surface of an object by vaporization, chipping, or other erosive processes) done in her heart which which essentially burns tissue causing heart arrhythmia. Now as I was driving home I passed Albany Med and they had a new restaurant called "Recovery Room: sports grill". If they only knew they would have kindly chosen a different name. Only 'M' would be able to have a good laugh about it with me as we plan our own BBQ get-together! I think we are kindred spirits!!!!! Now I will close with this life lesson: If you ever wake up in a hospital and don't know where you are, DO NOT read what is stamped on your bed sheets. I kid you not, there was a completely different hospital name stamped on the sheets of the hospital 'M' was at!! What kind of sick joke is that?? Of course, this would not have helped me, since I would not have been able to read after waking up; but for the rest of you, don't forget!

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Anonymous said...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love your sense of humor, and I am honored you spent your time with me. Thank you!!!