Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't I have a teaching degree???

Summertime at the library has proven to be just as insane as I remember it being (maybe worse). With that being said, I worked Saturday and I was about one book away from a nervous breakdown!! Switching tasks was something I had to relearn; doing it is still exhausting, I mean 'wit's end mental fatigue'. After a few switches I am mentally spent! Most days I have some recovery time between the task changes but, not on the weekends. It is just one person after the next demanding answers to their questions, not even realizing how taxing it is!! Barely recovering from that, I had already agreed to switch with someone and work today (in the afternoon). I survived and even with a smile! Then, I made a bad decision.......Nate was all out of creamer for his coffee. WalMart is the only store that sells the kind he likes. I HATE WAL MART. On top of my usual confusion there, they are completely rearranging the entire store. So, I am essentially going there mainly for the creamer. I became so distracted by the remodel that I grabbed a few grocery items and got in my car; after taking a deep breath, I drove home. Upon arrival at home it occurred to me that I never did get the stupid creamer (the purpose for braving the dreaded store). While this is a very small matter in life it is still rather annoying!! To make matters even worse I can usually just grab what I need at Target (much less dreaded than WalMart, okay, yes, I love Target- way less exhausting than a mall- I am always looking for an excuse to go) BUT, they too are remodeling! Are you kidding me, that should be illegal (but at least Target has evenly distributed employees to help you find what you are looking for-or in my case a general direction since right and left can confuse me, especially when going on 'short term auditory memory')!! So, I will be spending the next several months trying to relearn where things are located. More likely, I will just shop at the little Hannaford in town and pay a little more for the items they do have and just forget about the ones they don't!! :-)

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