Thursday, July 14, 2011

I know I am "home sweet home" when..........

I know I am home sweet home (the place I grew up) when "normal behavior" is anything but! Before venturing out on my 'own' I would not have found the events of last evening unusual. I am out at my parent's house visiting since my elderly grandfather is in the hospital having an ablation done on his heart to try to stop arrhythmia problems. The week started off like any other, my usual forgetting simple things. My mom and sister were supposed to come up to my house for a visit with my niece and nephew for a visit. We were going to take them to "Chuck E Cheese" for the first time. On Tuesday, my mom called to tell me my grandfather was admitted to the hospital again for his heart. So, we devised another plan to all see each other. At 5 pm on Tuesday I quickly packed an overnight bag and dog food, got the dogs in my Jeep and took off for my parent's house. About an hour into my ride it occurred to me that I didn't remember closing my garage door thus leaving access to all our belongings! I debated turning around but knew I would lack the mental energy for all that driving! I had our neighbor's cell number so I tried that! No answer, I drove for awhile longer before trying again, no answer, now I am so fixated on that silly garage door I can't stand it. Upon arrival at my parents I quickly got online and looked up our other neighbor's house number. I tried them, no answer. I know I'm not going to be able to rest until I know the silly door is down. I looked up the house number for the neighbors whose cell phone I had tried. Haha, success. I got my 10 year old neighbor friend. She very graciously ran over to my house, checked the door and called me right back. The door was down the whole time, I still don't remember doing it but that is what happens when I try to hurry! That is also way I neurotically plan and create checklists for everything WAY WAY ahead of time. So now, my family kindly teases me about 'stalking my neighbors'. I am so thankful for such wonderful and gracious neighbors. I even got a phone message and facebook message the next day assuring me all was well!!
Now, for the "this is not normal" We had a wonderful day at 'Chuck E Cheese' yesterday. I think 3 year old niece, 'B' ,had the time of her life and it was so great to be able to watch her discover all the fun there(eventhough I forgot to bring my camera, can you imagine that??). I even survived the bells, whistles and funny noises all around me. I was pretty tired/fried but it was well worth it!!! So, I rode home with my sister to her house where my dad met us. I rode back to my parent's house with my dad and his large bucket loader tractor in tow. He kept talking about how worried he was about the trailer tires blowing because he didn't have a spare. I just said a prayer and decided not to think about it(again, just stick your head in the sand, metaphorically speaking). We did make it home and I was still exhausted. He unloaded everything and by that time it was dark. I was notified that he "needs a little help". I drove my Jeep up to the building where he stored his tractor (so my headlights would allow him to see. We then have to pull the other tractor out of the building to make room for the one we just hauled back to the house. Of course, that tractor won't start so I am supposed to steer it while he pulls it just to the top of the hill so it will roll on its own. My dad now jumps on the 'dead' tractor and tries to 'pop' it started by coasting it down the hill and breaking while trying to start it. I have a funny feeling it wasn't all going to go as planned to I just waited for the next plan. As it ends up, I am now driving the bucket loader towing him down the rode as he continues to try to start it using the same method. It does start, it is unhooked and now I am driving a tractor down the road, in the pitch black with one headlight. Suddenly, flashbacks from my unusual childhood emerge. Just as I pull it into the driveway, it completely stalls out. My pride takes a little hit as I defend my driving skills. I am assured that it has just completely run out of gas, I was just glad I made it off the road and mostly into the driveway. Ah, the joys of rural living, I am told it builds character and I am quite a character, hahaha, so maybe 'they' are right!! Today, my dad had an appointment with a specialist to assess the stone blocking his gallbladder. He is currently racing home so he can have the better part of the day to CUT HAY. I assure you; once I know he has safely cut a majority of the hay I will be returning to my house for some R&R :-)


Anonymous said...

Gotta make hay while the sun shines! ha ha ha ha ha! It would be best, though, if we could all put off any form of illness or accident until the winter- that would be much more convenient for the haying to be done ;) Enjoy your trip, and safe travels! ~Farmgirl ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa-
You are terrific! Nothing like being home on the farm! Sounds like you are enjoying every minute even if it is a little harrowing.I am so glad I got to visit your parent's place so I can visualize it.