Friday, July 22, 2011

Things that plague me in my sleep!

Okay, these are the kind of dreams that torment me while I sleep. I had a dream I was in college and had a paper due the next day on 'Acceptance'. I was supposed to read the book "My Life" by an unknown author; the cover was a black and white silhouette of a girl with the title written in white graffiti. I was in a panic, I didn't have a copy of the book that I could find. It was late, I was tired and I had absolutely no idea what this book was about. I was so mad and confused about how I could have missed such an obvious assignment. It must have been junior year(the year I was writing at least 5+ papers a week) because I ran over to Christine's room to see if she had ever written this paper, NOPE. I jumped in my Beretta,drove to the library, and found Ellie in the 'new sun room'. I tried to find cliff notes on the book while she tried to calm me down! Apparently, I had a brain injury now too, because in college(real time) I would have simply skimmed the book, checked a few online commentaries and written the paper, making it up as I went. It is only now that I would have scheduled this to be done WAY, WAY before it actually needed to be and then rendered helpless to do anything in a hurry! My therapist had a blast with this dream. He says," WOW, well you are living your life now," then he sat pondering it, with a smirk. Then came out with "all your dreams are you panicking over performance, what you can't do". Yikes! I can't even take one breath without the Grace of God, so why worry Lisa, I mean, really???
Maybe these are the lessons from my scrambled brain.......
- Acceptance isn't done in a hurry. It is slow and methodical!!
-Acceptance may take the help of good friends.
-Acceptance can't really be found in any book, but it may be helpful to see what others say about it!
-Acceptance in 'my life' is still being written.

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