Wednesday, July 28, 2010

For my "aneurysm friends"

"One day at a time sweet Jesus that's all I'm asking from you. Give me the strength to do everyday what I have to do. Yesterday's gone sweet Jesus and tomorrow may never be mine. So for my sake teach me to take one day at a time."- Merle Haggard
I am five years post ruptures and still learning that I have different limits than most people my age (I just turned 30). I went to visit my parents (2 hours from my house) on Thursday and Friday of last week then came home. On Saturday, I went to my husband,Nate's, company picnic then to the county fair he used to work at as a child. We went to the 'truck pulls' and I forgot my earplugs, it was too far back to the truck to get them so I just had to deal with it! Anyway, this is a normal amount of activity for someone my age but not me STILL....I totally crashed. I think I literally slept all of Tuesday because I didn't rest enough Monday! It can still be frustrating even after 5 years. There are so many things I still want to do without always holding others back. I have to get better about respecting my own limits!!! At least it takes me two days to recover now instead of two weeks like it used to! Keep the faith my friends....we will all get through this together!