Monday, June 27, 2011

"What About 'Lisa' ?"

I was having a particularly "obsessive" day (I have these worse since my aneurysm, can you even imagine that?). I have one track left in my brain and I get really, really "stuck" on one thing. This can range from a pair of shoes I want to an upcoming event. I can recognize this as a problem but can not be derailed from whatever it is I'm fixating on. I know I drive people nuts with this and I don't mean to, but I have no ability to 'let it go'. Thankfully, my family and close friends are very gracious and laugh and joke about it with me. So, I was stuck on the purchase of new glasses and, admittedly, driving Nate crazy so I got out the movie, "What About Bob", as comic relief for both of us. I did find some comic relief from watching it as I related to poor Bob's 'problems'. Nate sat there giving me lots of, "that is SO YOU", looks. Much like Bob, I think it would just be easier to say,"... well, the simplest way to put it is, I have problems." That really just about covers it all :-) So, if you want a good laugh, and you share my twisted sense of humor go find....

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