Thursday, June 9, 2011

just a usual day!

Here is how the day started, it is WAY before the time I get up. I was sound asleep when I hear a horrible howl come from our basement. Buddy, our epileptic yellow lab, does this from time to time. I swear he has some form of doggie Turrets Syndrome; seriously he is a spaz! Now I have been jolted awake and am in my usual fog so I think, "great, he must really have to pee". I am not so concerned that I actually get up to let him out but nonetheless, now I can't go back to sleep. By like 8am there is a large annoying fly buzzing around my head. Forget it, I'm getting up already. Buddy goes out, I think he was fine, just having nightmares or something. Apparently he didn't get the memo; this den mother does not get up early and still function very well. As I eat breakfast, I am using my left hand to stabilize the bowl as I eat on the couch. I know this will only end badly!! Not paying attention my left hand does it's usual curl and my cereal and milk is all down the front of me. I get that cleaned up, sit back down and begin eating again, this time without the assistance of my left hand. All is well until, like most stoke victims, my swallowing is uncoordinated and food goes down the wrong tube (happens all the time, even with spit)after a short coughing fit I am thinking, "it's just going to be one of those days". We all have them, I just blog about mine :-) Now I am all 'out of sorts' and climb in the shower with my glasses on (sequencing is still an issue). Believe it or not I still left to go to my doctor appointment and it actually went very well. I decided that I would even attempt grocery shopping. Since all my usual stores have all conspired to rearrange and redecorate at the same time, I figured it didn't really matter where I went, I'd be wandering either way. I think I may just have to stick to the Hannaford in my tiny little town despite the fact that they don't always have everything on my list!!! So, now I think I have earned a nap, have a wonderful day!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you are getting better sleep tonight, I just woke up to a snoring cat next to my head! Animals, what would we do without them?