Sunday, June 12, 2011

Not the day I planned...................

Sunday was supposed to be the day of rest in our house, that was the plan! We were doing great until I jumped into the shower. About half way through the sink gurgled or was it the toilet? I hear some banging and tapping in the basement. I finish and yell for answer.......great! Grabbing a towel I head for the hall to investigate. The basement door is open, slight relief. I yell again, Nate answered but I can tell by the way he answered it wasn't good. "WHAT'S WRONG", I yell. I cringed at the answer "the septic is backed up. Now naturally, I immediately think the worst; thousands of dollars on a new septic system. Nate doesn't even see my face and he yells back up the stairs "don't worry about it, I think there is just a clog". Boy, does he know me or what! Since the clog could be anywhere down the line, it was not a Sunday morning DIY project for Nate aka "Mr Fixit". Our brother-in-law owns a Rooter Man franchise so we call him! Rooter Man says" dig up the cover to the tank!" Right, where is that again???????????? As it would just so happen, I take pictures of EVERYTHING!! Yup, Nate had me dig out the 2009 thumb drive and look for pictures of our septic system test before buying our house (Nate was at work while they did the test 2 yrs ago so he was relying on my memory of it, YIKES). Thankfully, I quickly found them in the 'move 2009' folder!! I unplugged the laptop (yup, it started out as a 'good brain day' for me)and ran it out to Nate; who now had a shovel. He counted the exact number of rungs on the deck and got to digging!! I decided to 'play it safe' and snap a picture while repairs were being made in the basement.............Meanwhile, we discover the tank is not backed up so that relieved my lingering fears of a total septic overhaul. Nate confirmed this with Rooter Man and he graciously told us he would be there at 1:30, after church. Oh yeah, I was getting ready for church!! As you can imagine our basement was now literally covered in 'septic'.....IT WAS GROSS!!!

Now, Nate may be 'Mr Fixit' but I am 'Mrs Neurotic'. Assessing the damage, Nate pulls out the wet/dry shop vac, brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm thinking the mop just wasn't going to cut it; and that was before I opened the washer....YUP full of you-know-what!! Nate vacuumed up the water while I pulled out the Clorox!! Nate sprays everything with Simple Green but we need a toxic substance for this mess!!!! Nate decides he has the cleanup under control and sends me to church (so my plan for the day might be salvaged if only for a few hours) while he gets ready for Rooter Man. So, I took a deep breath and drove off to church! So, what was it???? A blocked trap, Rooter Man cleaned it out and all is well now!! This drama queen will sleep well tonight! I am more of a 'specific, color coded plan' kind of girl :-) I am told that these things are "good for me". Life has so many rough, tough lessons, doesn't it?? I am so thankful that it is fixed and working well now thanks to Rooter Man and Mr Fixit!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you never know what will happen next!. Good we have Rooter Man in the family, and Nathan is so handy with these things. Hope all the yucky mess is gone.