Friday, August 5, 2011

A misplaced dinner??

This is for you "brain injury/survivors" out there and the rest of you amused by the things I admit to doing these days!
Yesterday, I actually thought about getting something out for dinner. I went to the basement and pulled out some ground beef for burgers! While there, I was distracted by laundry and set the meat on the dryer while I situated the laundry. I went back upstairs not even realizing what I went down there for in the first place! Of course, when it came time for dinner "I could have sworn I got meat out" but where did I put it??? Seriously, where would I have put it???? I see my note reminding myself I have laundry downstairs (from earlier that day). So, I ran down to switch it, since I couldn't find dinner anyway!!!!!!!!!! There it was, right where I left it on the dryer was thawed thanks to the heat of the dryer, so it all worked out in the end :-)
After a BBQ dinner, I went to open something and needed scissors. They were not in 'their spot' in my drawer. So annoyed, I ask Nate why he keeps moving my scissors. He looks up at me with a smirk and says, "Lis, I haven't used those scissors in 2 years." It is me that keeps moving them on! So there you have it, a 'normal' evening at our house!

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