Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not by chance!

While at the library today, I was scanning out books when I noticed a book I had wanted to read, but forgotten about until seeing it.   I mentioned this to the patron in front of me.  It sparked a conversation about TBI.  We exchanged blog addresses and had a wonderful chat.  I went home and changed my clothes to comfy ones and the slip of paper with the blog address fell out.  I was thankful for the reminder, turned on my computer and checked out the blog.  As I read the story of the 'S' family, I realized that Nate and I had prayed fervently for this family since we have mutual friends!  I remember checking for updates on facebook for months because of my connection with TBI and neuro rehabilitation.  I love meeting people like that! It is times like this when I am glad I have a very limited filter on my brain and just say things that I am thinking out loud!  This problem does not always work to my advantage, as you can imagine! So, if you are reading this, it was nice to meet you in person.  I am thankful for the encouragement of several answered prayers!! Keep up the good work....recovery is S.L.O.W but by God's Grace, we will help each other along the way!!

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kernscot said...

This a wonderful story and so happy you met this person.