Monday, August 29, 2011

I think, I think too much.............

Last night Nate and I watched " The Curious Case of Benjamin Button".  It looked like a cute 'date' movie with an interesting plot.  A man is born old and grows young while the rest of the world grows old.  He, of course, falls in love with a girl.  When they are in their late 30s/early 40s they have 'met in the middle' with their age and have a child.  The child is born 'normal' but the man decides that the women he loves can't raise a child and a 'man child' alone so he leaves her well taken care of ($), then he leaves her to find a new life without him.  When she is old and the child is grown, this 'man child' is found.  Her name is written all over his journal so police 'return him' to her for care.  He is now a child suffering from dementia.  She cares for him as he forgets how to walk and talk and becomes a helpless infant, then he dies in her arms. WOW, it was written so well, but very hard to follow! I however, have never been a 'good movie watcher'.  I always get WAY to emotionally involved so naturally by the end of the movie I am balling my eyes out while trying hard to regain control.  Yes, as a child I once almost hyperventilated after watching 'Where the Red Fern Grows'.  There was the 'Deep Impact' fiasco in high school. Then, there was the "Message in a Bottle" episode in college!  This is why I tend to avoid watching movies in public or with people I want to see again but sometimes it is just unavoidable, ya know?!! So, this movie wasn't THAT bad but, it did keep me up at night.  I could kind of relate to the character 'Benjamin Button'.  After my aneurysm, I felt like I was a 90 year old women still in a body that looked like a 25 year old (minus all the stroke problems).  However, I was also really mad that 'I was treated like a child'. I was aware of being treated like a child but not aware that I was also acting like one too at times.  I literally walked up stairs like a small child right foot, left foot landing on the same stair as I went up.  So, hours of therapy were devoted to learning how to alternate feet.  Of course, there was the constant 'Lisa, look both ways before crossing the street?', 'Did you remember to eat lunch?' Ah, the memories started flooding back...and then, the tears.  So watch it if you dare, it was a good movie,but don't say I did warn you :-)


Anonymous said...

I think I will skip this movie. I have gotten so I hardly ever watch one anymore.



Kristin said...

Wish I was there to hand you tissues!