Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What season is it, anyway??

I was talking to my mom on the phone tonight.  I assured her that I would have to come this summer to sort some (lots) of lingering boxes at their house.  All of the sudden, I was very confused about what season it actually was and which one was coming next.  One if the joys, of living in NY is the crazy weather.  Last week, I had to dig out shorts to be comfortable and just yesterday I needed my winter coat, hat, and mittens to go outside, without freezing, causing my left side to be weirdly spastic(note: I didn't use them all winter long it was so warm and absent of SNOW).  This whole 'seasons' thing has really confused me for some reason since my aneurysm. I don't know why...at first I blamed it on being in the hospital for so long, now I'll blame it on the crazy unusual weather!  Crazy weather only makes this worse.  So, after promising to come this summer to sort I said, "wait, summer is the next season right, it isn't the one that just passed is it??" My mom and I had a good laugh, you probably had to be there!!! So, if you see me dressed wrong for the weather that is why, I was confused about the season! Kindly refrain from digging out your butterfly net and using it on me....hehehe!

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