Sunday, April 1, 2012

Video 1 PS--> I made a shorter video that is easier to read the words in too now( !
I really struggled in making this video story! First, the unfamiliar program.  I tried to figure out how to use it to begin with then, there was the lack of a built in "spell check". Ah, the sequencing thing gets me every time.  Honestly, spelling was never a strength of mine and it only got worse! Yes, I even had music but there were some copyright concerns so if I ever figure that out I will add it to ensure a flood of tears, if you are anything like me! ! Second, was the attack of my own personal insecurities and lies from the Devil himself about how nobody would want to see it anyway!  But, the still quiet voice from deep within assured me that it needed to be posted!  So here you have it! I don't feel amazing or brave, I just feel like someone God has been very merciful to, and has given unusual amounts of daily sufficient Grace, despite her own weaknesses and lies she continues to hear! So, please, no glory for this girl, it is ALL God's grace and none of Lisa! Thank you for loving me enough to watch my feeble attempts at recovery; physically, emotionally, and spiritually!!! Have a wonderful "holy week" as we lay our burdens at the foot of the cross!

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Farmgirl said...

You are right that it isn't "your" glory... but still.... I think you are amazing for choosing--- over and over and over again--- to let God do His work in you. Like C.S. Lewis wrote--- the difference between heaven and hell is in the choice we make to be all for ourselves or allow God to work in us. :)