Friday, April 27, 2012

Things I shouldn't admit, but I do :-)

I went shopping this afternoon.  It was a "treat" to myself, just because!  I realized it must have been years since I have actually gone shopping in the mall, the stores were in different places than I remember! Note to self: don't ask "how long have you been here.  Did your store used to be downstairs?" When the answer is.....'years ago', you wonder if you "should get out more".  I just shop online or at Target usually.  Malls are too big, music is too loud and there are infinite decisions to make! At the end of my shopping trip, I actually made a decision and went to pay for my purchase.  The cashier asked me to sign the receipt.  I asked her, "did I even scan my card yet?". She politely says I have; but I had no memory of it! This is possibly better than the time a cashier stood looking at me wondering how I was going to pay; I had no idea (thankfully my mom was with me that time and helped me figure it out!) But today, I knew it was......time to head home, :-) Of course, it wasn't until I got home that I realized that I had really wanted to get my dear friend a nice birthday card.  I made it to a store with cards in it and even made it to the card section BUT I got distracted by the "Mother's Day cards".  I wasn't exactly sure how soon that was coming, so I picked a few out for our moms.  I never did get that one card I had actually set out to get!! Oh well, it's the thought that counts, right??  So, it will probably be years before I venture to a mall again, but I had a nice, nostalgic time while it lasted!

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