Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas festivities

        Since my aneurysm, I just "brace myself" for the Christmas season, I didn't even have the energy to think or write about it until now, after a few days of quiet and sleeping. And, I confess all my shopping was done online at  I can't even imagine venturing out to a crazy, busy store.  Between decorating the house, planning a large meal for Christmas at our house with Nate's family, then packing for a trip to my sister's house to celebrate a second Christmas with them, I completely depleted my resources.  I usually live, a very quiet structured life to cope with my new limits/disabilities. You can only imagine the fatigue and confusion that accompanies me around Christmas time.  It all seems worth it when I look back and see pictures of making snow angels, shoveling snow, eating snow (not yellow snow!!) and yes, even surfing in the snow!!!

There was mixing up scones for a

TEA PARTY with "TT" (yes, I am TT, short for 'Auntie'),

 playing "peek a boo" with brother B,

Celebrating  "Uncle Natey's" birthday,
and, of course, there were GIFTS of the material kind.

Amazingly, there was still energy for B to pretend she was a rock star,

and then, "TT" just need a 'silent night' (hahaha)

So, I guess the weeks of recovery will all be worth it and by next Christmas they will all just become cherished memories as I do it all over again, Lord willing!

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