Saturday, January 14, 2012

visiting and other random things!

I had an appointment yesterday with an ENT.  That morning I had already tried to take my glasses off when I woke up instead of putting them on.  I should have known it would be "that kind of day", the foggy brain day!! While this should probably stop me from living life that day; it never does, I usually just try to be extra cautious  and do the things I need to get done, as well as I can!! I made it to the ENT (new doctor for me), I was feeling ok , so I decided to visit my dear friend who was back in the hospital with heart related issues.  Now I have been to this hospital several times.  I parked and after a confusing ride on the elevator (don't ask) made my way toward the hospital.  The hospital is doing some renovations, great, new things are SO hard to "adjust" to, but I was determined to spend some time with my friend !!!!  I found the ER entrance and asked the girl sitting at the desk which room "M" was in.  She looked up the name and told me room 32 then quickly rattled off a series of right/left turns.  Usually, I have no shame and I ask for clarification or for a repeat of the directions, by rattling off the part of the dirction I actually got (which is usually only the first two commands).  However, on this particular day I got her first direction and decided "I'd probably just see the ER once I got in the hall".  I was the end of the hall I decided to ask a transport person where to go.  He directed me to the third floor in very broken English (there was a point in time when I would have rudely corrected his incomplete sentences-not realizing it was rude, of course-,but this time I just said, "thank you" and was on my way, ah sweet growth!!!!). I had a feeling his directions or my translation of them were not right. When I got to the' labor and delivery floor' I knew I was in the wrong place. I got out of there just as fast as I could and traced my steps back to the ER hallway.  The same girl was sitting at the desk.  I asked her for the directions again, but this time asked her if she could say it slowly (poor girl).  Seeing my obvious confusion, she walked me to the hall and pointed out the 'double doors' she had apparently told me about earlier with her left/right commands.  I took a deep breath and went to the double doors labeled as "Authorized Personnel Only".  I take these things VERY literally these days but decided to enter anyway, since the girl that gave me the directions was nodding her head.  Upon entering, I found my friend with a little help from a kind nurse! My friend had just been released, since I took so much time wandering aimlessly in the hospital.  My head was in such a knot now, I felt like I needed to spin the other way and start over again! As I walked out with my friend and her hubby we passed an elderly woman clinging to a door in order to not fall down.  I just raced by so focused on the act of walking I didn't even notice this poor woman.  My gracious friend noticed her and stopped to help her!!  She found her a wheelchair while her husband found a nurse that may know where this women needed to be! I just stood frozen still trying to figure out how exactly I had gotten there!!! I was so humbled by this act of kindness and I wondered, how many times a day am I so focused on my own problems/daily activities that  I walk right past people who I could have stopped to help?? Clearly, I'm not going to give directions since right/left confuse me.  But, I could get this lady a chair to sit in or even just noticed her clinging to a door!
    To make a long story short, the visit ended with my gracious friends driving me around the parking garage to find my Jeep, whose exact location was a bit foggy, despite the photo I took of the floor I parked on.  The Jeep was found and we had a nice lunch together (I followed them to the restaurant, since I was clearly having a foggy day)
   The very next day, I went to a dentist appointment.  After coming home Nate was teasing about my "dirty Jeep" from driving it in the rain.  I look at him and insisted that I "didn't go ANYWHERE today".  He gives me a "seriously" look.  I insist, I stayed home, then it suddenly dawned on me, I went to the dentist earlier, DUH!!! This is one reason why 'small talk' about my day/week is so frustrating!!! It certainly takes me a few/several minutes to pull up those files in my mind!!
   So, there are my random thoughts for the day!!


kernscot said...

Hi Lisa-

Must be the weather that is doing it. Today I did a waterfowl bird club survey along the Hudson River that covered Columbia County. No one met me at our designated meeting spot including a friend who told me she was coming. So I did it all by myself.
Tonight my friend emailed me I was supposed to do it tomorrow!! So today was a very long practice run and I will lead the field trip tomorrow!! Ellen laughed tonight and told me at least I was a day early and not a day late. I hope tomorrow is better for both of us.

Caregiver said...

My heart goes out to you both. Please allow those kind-hearted acts of kindness to not embarrass you. It helps us to help you. Keep on doing what you are doing. I did not realize your friend was back in the hospital. Will keep her on my prayer list. Love you, gin

Anonymous said...

You are amazing even on "off" days.
Love you!!