Tuesday, January 31, 2012

further clarification.....

   I went to have the stitches from my biopsy removed and was able to talk to the nurse and aks her all sorts of questions, so I would understand what "atypical cells" really meant!! Basically, it was an "Atypical Dysplastic Nevi", relatively benign. The doctor will go back in on the 21st of February and remove all remaining borders so it doesn't come back and potentially be a problem!! This is MUCH, MUCH better news than I originally thought!!  I thought that all atypical cells meant automatic melanoma. I am very thankful to be wrong, yet again!!! I will just have to keep an even closer watch now, since my skin is SO fair, and now have a confirmed atypical mole, my chances of problems in the future are much higher than most people (like I haven't heard that a million times before). My sister just calls me Casper (out of love, of course).  So I will continue living in my ghostlike, shade loving, cave dwelling state, as far away from the sun as I can be :-)


Caregiver said...

Better news!

Anonymous said...

This is good news! I hope your tongue goes well too. That one makes me cringe thinking about it, but will probably go much better than it sounds. Tongues are so sensitive, but I am sure they have numbing stuff to put on it.

Enjoy this spring like weather. I have bulbs sprouting out front. I hope the poor things don't get blitzed!