Thursday, January 26, 2012

just life updates!

      Sometimes I truly feel like my life is consumed with doctor appointments.  I am always going to a 'follow up' for something!  What I thought was going to be a quick check at the dermatologist, ended in removing a questionable looking mole. Now, when I filled out paperwork I'm pretty sure I checked "yes" after the question "are you allergic to bandage adhesive?".  Since I am on 81mg aspirin, I bled a little more than some(not that bad really), requiring the BIGGEST bandage they had.  Now I will spare you from a picture of my flabby, "untoned" tummy with a rash in the perfect shape of a Band aid, you're welcome!!!! Stitches are nothing compared to the reaction to bandage adhesive.  Let me just mention, that while in the hospital after my aneurysm, doctors/therapists used "Kinesio Tape"  try to stop my shoulder from separating further while still paralyzed.  When the tape was removed so was some of my skin!!! I am trying hard not to fixate on the biopsy results but, I am me!  The week after next I will have a "funny looking" lesion removed from my tongue, yeah not going to lie, I'm not looking forward to that one!!!!! So, now I will officially look like I have been hit by shrapnel in a different sort of war (a medical one) but better safe than sorry. Please pray with me for good, accurate results and the strength to make these appointments and wait for reports to come in, Thanks!

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Farmgirl said...

You were on my mind a lot today. I prayed for you whenever I got a quiet minute to do that... and if somehow I could take strength from myself to give to you, I would. Even if it gave me a migraine or something. Because I just want you to have the rest and quiet and peace and calm you need. Be well.