Friday, September 24, 2010

Official results and stuff.....

My doctor just called to let me know the tests on my heart "all look normal". So not used to hearing those words out of a doctor's mouth. I am thankful and relieved for the good news.

I also had my EEG test today (measures brainwave activity). Apparently, the scar tissue in my brain (from aneurysm rupture)makes me at high risk for seizures. Doctors just wanted to rule that out at this time. The test was pretty easy as brain tests go. They glue a series of electrodes to your head then make you open and close your eyes as a bright light is flashed in the dark room. All my scars had to be mapped as the effect the results if the reader is unaware of them. The technician said I really put her to work diagramming them and trying to get the electrodes to stick among "the thickest hair ever" (her words not mine). I told her God gave me all that hair to cover all those scars. Deciding I had a good sense of humor she left me with this, "just in case anyone wonders, we did detect brainwaves". Then, she let me go even though I looked like a mad scientist! Seriously, for walking out of a hospital, I got a lot of strange looks. Here is why:

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