Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Neuro Update

I went to see a new neurologist on Monday. I liked him very much. It is very unusual to find a neurologist with a sense of humor!! He said he had briefly looked over my records from the neurosurgery department (there are SO many, there was not time to review them all) then I went over my list of questions that my PCP helped me put together. The doctor got this smirk on his face then said, "you are a mess". We had a good laugh then he went on to explain that what he meant was, although he had never had anyone specifically mention my particular issues, my brain is still very scrambled from the two bleeds. The brain, being the body's control center, is probably responsible for all the "weird things" doctors can't account for with their medical tests. He described how a leading researcher once had a patient go into severe tachycardia while clipping an aneurysm. Once the surgeon let up on the aneurysm the heart returned to normal beats. His point being, the brain can't always be explained. There is no medical explanation for an aneurysm clipping causing irregular heart beats, then returning back too normal. So, he wasn't overly concerned about what he was hearing. Since I am at such high risk for seizures, (due to scar tissue in brain) I will be getting an EEG sometime this month just to be sure there is no seizure activity in my brain. He really doesn't feel that this is what is going on, admittedly he is being overly cautious. I am thankful for doctors who care enough to be careful. He also wants me to keep a "migraine log" to see if there is any obvious triggers. I, of course, wanted and exact list of what should be included in this log. He again smiled and said "I don't want an OCD log of every detail of your day, I just want you to note anything you feel is important, see if you can find a pattern". In 15 minutes he could already tell he was going to get and OCD list when he sees me next time, YIKES!! I'd like to think it is because he is so familiar with TBI, not that I have such an obvious personality flaw. Either way, there are no major concerns at this point so I am just trying to take one day at a time!! Thanks for all of your prayers, they certainly made a difference to me!!

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Anonymous said...

We have a new neurologist as well and it makes all the difference. When I see you again we find out if it is the same one. A wonderful blog plage. I will follow if it will let me add myself. ginger