Tuesday, October 29, 2013

confession of the day................

Confession today: I don't even have the mental stamina to change the sheets on my bed!  After thinking I had the short side and long side figured out, it would get down to the last corner when another would pop off.  I then took it all apart and tried to turn it 90 degrees. Last corner...POP. So rip and repeat, a few more times. Now my brain is so tired I'm not even really sure the fitted on goes on the bottom any more! Stop, lay down, get a drink of water and come back to it!  Finally success, I think! We will see tonight when we go to crawl in tonight! I had other errands I could run today, but the sun is blazing so brightly I don't dare leave my house for the over stimulating experience of driving to an overstimulating store. So the errands will wait until some brain fog passes a bit! Have a wonderful week!!!! I'm going to nap.......SLEEPING!

This about sums it up!  Thanks Buddy for making me smile, you silly dog!

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Anonymous said...

Buddy really expresses it well. For me I was very sleepy today too.Hope you got rested and the sheets stayed put!