Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Real life now.........

Crashing again after doing too much!  The mental exhaustion is hard to explain.  I often say, it is like living life, permanently in finals week at college! Everyone is asking too much of you, all you want to do is go to a quiet dark corner and pull the covers up over your head and begin to rock as to warn people to 'stay away'!  So, with that being said, I am just going back to bed today.  I am forgetting about my "to do" list, I am in survival mode!  Vacation was wonderful and I actually didn't feel too bad after coming home.  I should have stayed home from a Memorial Day picnic though, too much talking and too much noise! A movie blasting in the background as people kept trying to talk to me!  I am so fried now, I have to get better at advocating for myself instead of trying to fit into the "normal" mold!!! I'll post pictures when I have recharged. Our anniversary trip to Cape Cod, MA was SO amazing, I loved every single minute of it! Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Anniversary! I am so happy you had a great vacation. Feel better fast. It is hard for us to remember sometimes how fried you get. We like you so much and are so happy to see you and we don't mean to overwhelm you. You always look perfectly fine and we forget.

I can't wait to see your photos and hear all about it. I will never forgot your wedding day either. It was beautiful, and you became a very welcomed family member. I couldn't believe how lucky Nathan was to find you.