Friday, December 2, 2011


If the Special Olympics had a brain injury division, I think it would have events like "making spaghetti for dinner" or "grocery shopping".  These would all be classified, not as sports like "skiing" or "ice skating", but instead, "things you all take for granted".  That just sounded like a game show, right?? Yes, these tasks feel like Olympic events every single day.  For example, tonight I went to make spaghetti with frozen Texas Toast.  Do you know I went down stairs two times to get the toast and both times I came up without it.  I did however, switch the laundry and get clothes out of the dryer but, NO TOAST for dinner.   Frustrated, I resorted to asking Nate to go get it for me!  I would have lost in that event, unless it was a relay!! What I should have done was write it on a piece of paper and carry it with me so when I got distracted the paper might remind me, oh well!Oh and I almost forgot the "answer a phone survey" event! Last night, I answered our house phone (I usually don't, but I was waiting for a doctor office to call back and sometimes the caller ID isn't very specific) The women on the other end asked for a male in the house old enough to vote.  "He can't speak with you right now", I said.  Before I knew it she had engaged me in the survey instead.  After 9 minutes of "rate this and rate that", on some unusual scale of 1-7 I stopped her and said, "I gotta be honest, I am just making up numbers, my brain is so tired I have no idea what you are talking about".  I then asked her how many more questions there were; she didn't know.  She could only tell me the survey usually takes 17 minutes and I had only 'endured' 9 minutes of it.  Out of annoyed exhaustion, I simply told her I was no longer going to continue with this 'pointless survey'.  I knew I needed to save some brainpower for making dinner (Olympic event #2 of the evening)  She wanted to call me the next day to finish, but I think she realized how pointless it would be and moved on to bigger and better things to annoy other people with!! I already had my mind set on not answering the phone anyway!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!  :-)


Farmgirl said...

I'm crying, I'm laughing so hard right now!!! "I've got to be honest with you, I'm just making up numbers..." HAHAHAHAHA!!! And a RELAY! YES! This is a perfect I love it. I don't love that you have to endure the Olympic-level difficulty that you do, but I love your humor in this post. And there are things I so relate to. You are fabulous. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope your weekend goes better-



Caregiver said...

Bill relates to your struggles.
Great job on getting the spaghetti made, answering the phone, doing your best AND THE LAUNDRY TO BOOT! I think you deserve a gold metal for your day. Gin at Getting a Foothold

Bill adds: Keep it going, and remember that life is not work, but does take practice. SMILE. Bill