Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Life in the S L O W lane!

 I try to just be amused at the things that "no longer occur to me".  For example, I was making cookie frosting for Nate last week.  I only had about half the amount of sugar I needed to make the full recipe.  Naturally, I decided to just cut the recipe in half, that should be simple enough, right??? Well, I actually managed the second grade math, for the first few ingredients, but then somewhere in the middle I simply forgot I was cutting the recipe in half.  The result: very runny, very almond 'extracty' cookie frosting.  It actually was pretty funny and mildly edible.  Next time, I will write down all the 1/2 measurements and only look at those numbers! We live and we learn!!!

The next day I was much less amused when I looked for my GPS holder before visiting a dear friend.  I really tore my Jeep apart, knowing it just HAD to be with the actual GPS unit!  After stopping what I was doing for a second and taking a deep breath (I was getting very frusterated, very quickly) I flipped the GPS unit over and guess what was already attached?? Yup, you guessed it, the GPS holder for my window.  At least I found my multiple extra sunglasses (I can't live without sunglasses outside, and see at least). I also now have a 'cleaned out' console and glove compartment!!  Just when I thought I could not be any less amused, I came home from a wonderful day with my friend.  I opened up my fridge and there right in front of me was the jar of garlic I couldn't find the night before.  I was exhausted the previous night and I knew it was there but just didn't see it.  So, I am laughing about it now and giving myself a little credit for at least trying.  Trying to make frosting from scratch, trying to make food that didn't come frozen in a bag, and trying to overcome my hermit like tendencies by visiting a friend!!

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Caregiver said...

Giving you a lot of credit for doing so much on your own. It is amazing what you accomplish on your own. You inspire us both! Ginger and Bill at gettingafoothold.blogspot.com