Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Do You Trust Me??

One of my favorite scenes from a movie is the one below where Aladdin says "do you trust me?" then stretches out his hand to offer help.  It just makes my heart melt a little every time I watch it. 

Last night, I was fighting off a migraine and feeling very restless over the report of a 16 year old girl we know being found unconscious  in her bed when her parents went to wake her up for church.  I prayed for this family and tried to push my own migraine anxieties out of my mind.  As I lay there doing my deep breathing exercises, I heard those words running trough my mind, "Do You Trust Me??".  I knew it was a still quiet voice from the Lord reminding me for the millionth time HE alone is in control of all things, all the time! Silly me, I was looking at things like Jasmine, "is it safe??", I wanted to know.  You see 'magic carpet rides' defy human logic and reason.  We can not be assured of their safety, we just have to trust.  Our sermon this Sunday then popped into my mind (as it always does in the week that follows it).  Our pastor, talked about fully surrendering ALL areas in our life to Jesus, often times our own personal struggles are just areas of our lives we have not fully surrendered, and so a quiet voice in me said "yes, I trust you" and I drifted off to a restful sleep!!

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Caregiver said...

A great reminder Blessed Girl! Hoping all is well in your household and with your friend.