Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Jeep

Recently, we discovered that the engine in my Jeep had a crack, either in the head or block. In trying to decide what do, we almost traded it in to be sent to auction somewhere. I didn't expect the reaction I had to 'getting rid of it'. When talking to the people at a dealership I began to tear up and couldn't even talk about getting rid of it. After all it had been through with me I have this strange attachment to this silly 'hunk of metal'.

While at a friend's 30th birthday party in downtown Albany someone broke into it to steal Nate's cell phones.

That was just the beginning of our journey. I was driving this very vehicle when my aneurysm burst sending me over a bank. I know it was the Hand of God Himself that allowed me to land safely in that clearing. But, my Jeep was there! It was also the vehicle I was in to relearned how to drive in snow (poor Nate)! Of course, in typical Nate style, he chose the worst snow storm to try it in! But we survived, and even laugh about it now!

Our first experience driving on the beach near the ocean in the Outer Banks also was in the Jeep. We treasure our times on the beach with our wonderful friends, the Krause family !

So, while most people would welcome a newer, fancier vehicle (one that had a working seat heater) I prefer, "my Jeep". It is also familiar to drive and takes way less brain power to get places! While my Jeep was getting a 'new'(used) motor, my father-in-law graciously let me drive his Saab 9 5. It was fun to drive a stick again and know that it was "just like riding a bike". I was very nervous that, I would have to be taught how to drive stick again. Then ,I was worried that I might forget to shift or forget the steps of pushing in the clutch before shifting while remembering what gear I was in and which was next. . While all this definitely took deliberate and conscience attention, I was able to do it. To my surprise the biggest challenge was physically pushing in the clutch. Being cold makes my left side very spastic and shaky . I also had to be careful taking my right hand off the wheel to shift. You can only imagine what a spastic left arm would do....can you say, DITCH? I had to make sure I got the car good and warm before I could drive. YAY for working seat heaters in the Saab!!! I still was encouraged that I was able to sequence and coordinate driving a 'new' vehicle, it wasn't easy but I did it!
So my Jeep got a 'new' engine and seems to be running very well again! I am happy we could keep it even if it is "old"!! Hoping it lasts a few more years so we won't have a car payment :)

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Anonymous said...

Lisa you always make me smile ! I'm thankful your jeep could be repaired, and hope you have it for a long time. you are a blessing to know, please keep writing, you are very good at it !