Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another Miracle Story!

Since this is a blog dedicated to God's unusual Providences; miracles, I thought I would share a recent one. I have known 'AG' since I was in junior high. She moved with her family to a small upstate NY town. They attended the church I grew up in. AG was the same age as my sister and she had a brother my age. Anyway, she now lives in the Albany area and even though our paths don't cross much our families remain very good friends. They were there at the hospital with me encouraging us along the whole journey! So, there is the history to precede my story.
AG was expecting her second child, a little girl, in the beginning of January. Close to her due date she came down with a terrible stomach virus and was put in Albany Med. for dehydration. Somewhere along the way contractions started. They stalled, and Pitocin was given. Still not working, the baby was in distress and AG was taken to have an emergency C-section. Her baby girl was born and all we knew was "AG had lost a lot of blood and was receiving blood transfusions". No need to worry we all thought! AG's family was sent home to "get some sleep". At about 8pm that same night my mom called me and said "Lis, I have some news and it's not good, have you heard about AG??" I informed her that on facebook it said she was having blood transfusions and was expected to be fine. "I know what it says but she has been intubated and it doesn't look good, please just pray for her, ok" I immediately started to pray and called a few people to join me. I have to admit that I did need a Xanax that night to fall asleep. In the morning her brother posted this explanation....... "Just as background for everyone. Amy had Courtney yesterday at 11:40 am through c-section. Due to a uterine complication, Amy began to bleed significantly. Sadly she was awake during this and was aware that she was dying. The do...ctors instituted a "massive transfusion protocol" where blood and other bodily fluids were introduced since she was bleeding out. The additional fluids overwhelmed her heart and resulted in pulmonary adema (too much fluid in the lungs). In order to get her to breathe, she was intubated.Currently, they are running her body for her since most essential body functions shut down. She continues to receive fluids and medications to regulate her heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure and other functions. She currently is going through a CAT scan because of more abdominal pain. We'll know more soon." While visiting AG and her mom at Albany Med several days later, after a neurology appointment that I had, I was told that AG actually 'left us' for a few moments and they even coded her. The Lord had other plan for her and this story has a happy ending. Through divine intervention and skilled surgeons AG is still with us today.
I gotta tell you, we miracles get all the credit but it was really hard to be "on the other side of that hospital bed". Our poor families/friends probably have more stories than we can even image. They too are the heroes of the story. Waiting and clinging to hope and belief that God has it all under control. It was really hard to be "the one in the waiting room"! My sister told me how they slept on concrete floors in the waiting room while I was in ICU, almost 6 years ago now!

* please note that while some of my details may be a little off the main point is......GOD worked a miracle and we are all so very thankful*

Okay, now it is your turn........tell me your story. How did God work out the details of you being alive when medical professionals say 'you shouldn't be'????


Dian said...

Oh my! I'm glad your friend and her baby is doing fine!
My story: I had been been experiencing sudden onset of blindness. At first it was just a few seconds and my vision would come back. I attributed it to stress. Months went by and nothing else happened. One day while commuting one-way 50 miles to work over a mountain pass on a freeway, I suddenly went blind. I was totally freaked out. By the time I got an appt with the MD, a (then unknown to us) a retired neurologist, the episodes were becoming more frequent and lasting longer - up to a minute. A full month later, I was in UCSF-San Francisco undergoing brain surgery for a leaking brain anuerysm. They had to syphon off blood from around my brain from the leakage, some of it old-a tell-tell sign of minor rupturing.
The aneurysm was clipped but I'm now left with a short-term memory deficit.
I can't help but believe that there's something more for me here because I survived. I truly won't remember posting this. Thanks for letting me share it.
Cecelia H.

sILVER bELLE said...

I have a short-term memory & had to LEARN to walk @ over 50. I have a stent & a coil. I KNOW there is more I am supposed to do. My favorite hymn is Amazing Grace & I HAVE HIS Grace!