Thursday, February 14, 2013

I have never seen this before..........

Here it is, no possible way for my wrist to curl in this one, YAY!
Maybe it is good to be reminded what a medical "freak"/anomaly I truly am.  Yesterday, I went to a new therapist, an occupational therapist, specializing in hand rehabilitation.  My neurologist felt it was important to address the remaining tone/tightness in my left hand! As the therapist read over my medical history, he was silent.  Upon finishing,  he asked me to tell him what had happened and what my remaining difficulties were.  I began to rattle off my aneurysm(s) story as he took necessary measurements for the new brace my neurologist wanted! After measurements were taken and I was done rattling off my story, he looked at me in utter amazement and says, "I have never seen a hand do this," over and over! Of course, if you know me, you know I am thinking "....if only I had a nickel for every time a doctor said they have never seen, - you fill in the blank-........" Still I was curious exactly what that meant, so I asked.  He explained his utter shock that I was actually using my hand! He had never seen an aneurysm survivor ever regain use of a hand that was once completely paralyzed.  Adding to his shock was the fact that my rupture was in the exact area of  the brain that controls hand/arm movements! His reaction was very dignified and, for the first time, I was not scared by the reaction I got.  Perhaps, enough time and healing has elapsed making it easier to take or perhaps it was the calm, factual, not dramatic way in which it was presented! Either way, it is easy to become "cold" to your own amazing story.  It is easy to rattle off it's details, yet another time, and not consider the miracle of what you are saying!  So, maybe it is good to go to new therapists despite the fact that you are just plain "tired of all the appointments." I am glad I went and I think they have a  great treatment plan to help me regain some strength and dexterity in my left hand!  Happy Valentine's Day!!

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