Monday, February 4, 2013

8 YEARS!!!!!

      I confess, football just isn't "my thing". Some of my most favorite people in college, loved the sport and I tried, I really, really wanted to like it (or even understand it fully), but I just don't!  My opinion of the game is now forever tainted by my knowledge of, how little impact it takes to cause damage (even small areas of 'gray matter') to the brain! It just doesn't seem worth it to me to choose to cause such impact on your brain!  Brain injury is no fun people! With this said, I blog while my hubby enjoys the game!!
     Friday marked 8 years since my aneurysm rupture. N(my hubby) surprised me by taking the day off!!  He got up at his "normal" time and left like he was off to work.  What I didn't know was that he pushed in the clutch of his truck and rolled down the driveway.  We have a "long"(ish) driveway so when he started the loud diesel engine in our culdesac I didn't wake up and didn't suspect a thing.  He went to Home Depot for a few hours to let me sleep until my "normal" time.  Sticking to a structured schedule really helps me function so much better!!! Right before my alarm, I heard a loud diesel motor pull into our driveway.  I was thinking, "who in the world would deliver a package that 'early'",and "I don't even remember ordering anything." I looked out the window and saw all our vehicles in our driveway plus my hubby's work truck.......I was SO confused (normal for me)!  I didn't have my glasses on so I couldn't tell that my hubby was sitting in his truck waving at me!  At least, there was no delivery truck! N came inside with a dozen roses and told me he took the day off to spend with me! After my PT appointment (again, stick to as much of the original schedule as you can) he took me out to lunch, YUM!  I was having a good mental fatigue day which was such a gift!  I actually really enjoyed the day!!!!  I even ran a few errands!  I sent my sister's birthday gift like I did 8 years ago according to a receipt found in my Jeep as everyone tried to figure out how long I sat over that bank unconscious! And, I was extra thankful for being alive as I drove past that very road.  I did not revisit the accident scene because today was a celebration, not a day to dwell! We now live very close to the "scene of the accident".  I feel renewed thankfulness every time I drive by it! It was a wonderful day, even getting several sweet messages from friends on Facebook, most of whom remembered getting "the call". This is a very humbling idea for a girl who spent most of her life (at least middle school through college)feeling pretty much completely invisible to people!
     Now (Monday) it is back to" real life", life post surviving a rupture!  I had an eye appointment/checkup.  All the lights and tests and lights and questions, and lights and more LIGHTS in my eyes, I was so fried my poor little brain just shut down in a exhausted, nauseous heap!  Thankfully. my father was able to drive me to and from the appointment since we knew it would totally "shut me down"! The doctor says, I am "pre glaucoma". I don't understand exactly what this means but I suspect an aneurysm rupture played a role in it since I am only in my early 30s !!!! Next Monday will be an "Ambulatory EEG" to ensure scar tissue hasn't caused "seizure activity" of any kind!  This is a "overly cautious" measure.  Better safe than sorry, I am thankful for doctors who care enough to be proactive with me!! 

This is how I left the office, I didn't care! I loved those glasses and will be wearing them again because they block SO much light!!!

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Vonnie said...

Wow! 8 years is encouraging to me since I'm only 5 years from my Brain Injury But We have alot in common otherwise. I'm thinking about getting my driving back-Any suggestions?