Monday, June 4, 2012

Just like riding a bike???

Proof that I did indeed ride a bike!
Whoever said, "it's just like riding a bike" most assuredly did NOT live through a ruptured aneurysm or have balance issues from an Acquired Brain Injury!! It makes riding a bike sound easy, like something anyone can do with relative ease, RIGHT?? I beg to differ! But, I did it (for a VERY short distance, then my brain fatigue triggered some weird blood pressure issue and 'it all went downhill from there').  Even the memory of it makes me exhausted! I hadn't realized how hard it would be to balance while peddling to keep moving forward and steering to avoid immanent danger. Oh, and I had to pinch roll my jeans (not dressed for biking at that moment) which gave me horrible flashbacks from middle school...hehehe! But I DID IT, I RODE A BIKE :-)

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Vonnie said...

Wow! I lived through a Brain Injury & I can't yet ride a bike with two wheels!(I have 2 Big training wheels on the back of my bike)But my accident was 5 years ago & you encourage me that I may someday! I completely understand the exhaustion of balancing.Thanks