Thursday, February 9, 2012

My "little sister" is 30 :-)

Thank you to everyone who sent my dearest sister a 30th birthday card.  She called me one night before her birthday and said, "did you have everyone send me a card?" I pretended I had no idea what she was talking about BUT, she knows me too well.  She says, "this has you written all over it".  Of course, I cracked and told her the truth. I couldn't just let this milestone go by with just that so, I took the day off of work and drove to my parent's house, caught a ride with them and surprised her with a 30th birthday visit!  It is so much fun to get good surprises, and so much fun to do too!  I used to do this to her when I was in college, I'd just show up at her soccer games, FUN, right???  Here is a link to my pictures (I am still recovering from the travels and don't have the mental enegry to upload them again)
Enjoy and thanks again for helping me out with all the cards!!!! My favorite one said something like "You're 30, you're mature, educated, sophisticated : and teenagers everywhere think you're old"
This hat is "payback" from when I turned 30 :-) She was a good sport!!!

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