Monday, February 6, 2012

"You're just a mess........"

So, I went to an appointment today with an oral surgeon for what I thought would be a "lesion removal" on my tongue.  My dentist told me to just get it removed for "peace of mind".  So, Nate took the afternoon off to go with me for moral support, and since I have blood pressure and panic attack issues after these sorts of appointments.  We are sitting in the waiting room ready to be seen as I fill out yet more pages of "medical history".  About half way through I stop, Nate looks at me and then at my paper.  I say to Nate," I think I'm just a mess". He lovingly replies "you THINK??" We both laugh as the receptionist gives us a funny look (I guess most people don't laugh in their office).  I handed her my completed papers and I'm sure she could not figure out why we were laughing, I don't care! The nurse gets me all prepped for what the "procedure" will involve.  It doesn't sound pretty but all I could see was....... relief (mental, physical, emotional)!!! The oral surgeon walks in, takes one look in my mouth and says something like "that is nothing to worry about, it might be annoying but, I'm not removing it today."  Upon further poking and pulling on my tongue he noticed that my left bottom teeth were at a greater "slant" than the right side.  His theory is--> that the tongue is just getting pinched in the gap it creates with my top teeth while I grind my teeth at night! If the professional, expensive dentist made mouthguard doesn't get rid of it then we will consider a biopsy/removal.  So, there you have it.  I'm a mess :-) But, at least I don't have stiches in my tongue yet!!! You'd never know it but I really, really hate drama, yet it always seems to find me anyway :-(

Oh and, PS- Dear doctors, your statistics no longer comfort me!!!!!


Farmgirl said...

Grr. My previous comment deleted itself. I read this and want peace for you. I read this and realize that it sounds like one of those, "I leave you peace not as the world gives it..." sort of moments. I find it really hard to have "Jesus peace" when "worldly peace" sounds much more concrete. Like my "wishing" (though that sounds insane) for a surgical "fix" once and for all... even though it isn't really like that. So we breathe. And believe. And wait. And sometimes, small glimmers of other-worldly peace will filter through. I pray you have that.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you did not need the tongue surgery and hope the mouth guard works for you. I know a lot of people who have one that works well.