Saturday, March 3, 2012


I generally consider myself pretty "tough" these days when it comes to medical procedures, being tough is much easier when you know you have a bottle of Percocet, "just incase".  I still dread most procedures and I always prefer to be "knocked out" or at least given a good dose of "happy drugs", but all things considered I generally think, "it can't be as bad as the recovery from 3 brain surgeries in less than a year!" So, I have had this stubborn lump/lesion on my tongue for the last few months.  It drives me absolutely crazy as it scrapes across my teeth as I talk or swallow.  I have tried steroids, mouth guards, and a diet free of acidic foods! Nothing will get rid of this thing! I think I was slowly driving my doctors even more nuts than I usually do! Someone finally sent me to an oral surgeon to just 'take it off and have peace of mind'.  The oral surgeon doctor took one look at it and told me he was not going to take it off because of it's location, it would be too painful and he didn't think it looked particularly problematic.  He wanted me to wear my new dentist issued mouth guard while sleeping to see if the irritation went away.  I faithfully wore it as he instructed! The stupid irritation was still there.  So, at a follow up visit he reluctantly agreed to remove it even though he still thought it was just going to be too miserable for me.  There was a small insurance deadline to meet so, off it came.  I was just SO sure I was going to be just fine.  I even shared my story about how wisdom teeth taken out proved to be so much less traumatic than everyone made it out to be, I was just sure this would be the same!!! I WAS WRONG......stitches/a biopsy on the tongue proved to be just as painful as they promised it would be!! I am so thankful this doctor kindly tried to spare me from it!! I, of course, was very angry at myself for being so "neurotic" that the doctor felt cornered to take it off against his better judgement!! So, I hope this takes care of the problem and we can all just move on with our lives without my silly 'tongue drama'!

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