Friday, October 21, 2011


I remembered that there was a song I heard and wanted to look up after my Dr appointment. I made a note to "look up Switchfoot song" but I couldn't remember the word for anxiety, uptight, unsettled (I just remembered the gist of the song).....After a google search for my 'lost word'; this is the song, RESTLESS :-) Just feeling a bit 'restless' this week :-)


Anonymous said...

It was really nice to see you and Nathan tonight. I could tell you were quiet and maybe a little tired. Hope you have a good weekend, maybe eating duck or goose?



Anna said...

That is a beautiful song. i LOVE switchfoot. (saw you at Greg Lucas' blog and wanted to read your story. I lost a dear friend from an aneurysm just 3 years ago. I miss her horribly.) I am so glad you survived and are learning how to take things one day at a time.