Wednesday, September 21, 2011


   My dear, dear friend was back in the hospital with further heart arrhythmia problems that are potentially life-threatening. My heart felt very heavy for her and her family.  Of course, my devotions were about trials and joy among them!  I had to confess I was not feeling joyful!  On my way to visit her in a local hospital to relieve her from the boredom and sterile, white hospital walls I thought I would stop at Panera and pick us up a little lunch! I got our meals to-go and was walking out the door when I saw a pumpkin cookie advertised.  I thought it would be a nice little treat for my friend and wasn't going to leave without one!!  I got back into the long lunch line and when it was my turn I explained that I had just ordered lunch and just wondered if I could purchase one of the cookies advertised.  The cashier asked me if I ordered a drink. Of course, I had not, just grabbed the free water!! He explained that the cookie came with a meal and a drink.  I said, "thank  you" and went to turn around when the cashier told me to 'wait a minute'.  He then grabbed a pumpkin cookie and said, "here, this one is on the house".  I thanked him profusely and then shared that I really wanted it for my friend in the hospital.  He wished her well, and I left with a smile on my face.  It is the little things, like free cookies!
As always, I had a lovely visit with my friend despite the setting and circumstances! I left the hospital, found my Jeep and followed the exit signs taking me in endless, anxiety provoking circles through the parking garage!  Upon exiting, I handed the 'toll guy' enough cash to cover their "maximum fee" for being there all day.  It was SO worth the few $$ though!! He scanned my ticket and asked me if I was coming back later, "no", then, "are you going to be here all week?, "I hope not, I was just visiting my good friend".  "Okay", he said "when was your friend admitted?".  I just said the first day that came to my mind, "Wednesday, oh wait, what day is today, anyway".  I was still recovering from the circles in the parking garage! "Tuesday" the guy says.  "Oh well then Sunday I think".  He hands me back my money and says, "you mean she was admitted today", "no I'm pretty sure it was Sunday, maybe Monday morning".  He says, "free parking the day of admission, have a nice day".  I'm a little slow but then I got it.  Again, it is the little things like free cookies and free parking that make you smile when things around you make you want to cry! Please keep my friend and her family in your prayers.  "What is impossible with man IS possible with God" My story reminds me of that everyday!  I would never wish these trails on anyone but as long as we are both experiencing them, I am so thankful for a friend who can truly, truly understand what it is like to be a medical anomaly in your early 30s!!

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Farmgirl said...

You are amazing. And you deserve as many freebies as you can get your hands on :)