Tuesday, September 6, 2011

another rainy day!

Mookie with her black, spotted tongue out!

Mookie on 'her deck' soaking up the sun!

If you read my blog or know me well, you probably already know that cool, rainy days are my absolute favorite.  So, today seemed promising from the start!  I went to let my beloved dogs outside this morning when, my little Mookie catches wind of something that was in our yard last night and decides to BOLT right past me out the door.  She has a tendency to not come when you call, especially if she is 'mad' about something. Yup, she has done this to me before. I have visions of the busy road our little dead end connects to. I am now on the back deck, in my bathrobe, screaming at her like a crazy lady (or am I a crazy lady screaming at her?? don't answer that)  She huffs off on the trail of whatever it is and I can no longer see or hear her.  I have to decide whether to jump in my Jeep in my bathrobe and find her or take the extra time to change.  I decided to change, shocking, I know. As I run out the front door, shaking with fear of loosing my furry friend forever, I see her.  She is standing in our back yard just looking at me like "what's your problem?". I am so thankful that my quick prayers were answered and promptly realized that maybe, just maybe, I love my dogs more than most people do???

Mookie and Buddy

Visibly rattled, I still had an appointment I had to 'pull it together' for! I am happy to say that, although I was still not putting together complete sentences, I made it to the therapy (the kind, ironically, associated with 'crazy people' lol) appointment. It went well, and I made it home. 

Like most brain injury patients I get 'stuck or fixated' on one thing.  Today, I saw my camera sitting out with a note on it.  Ever since vacation, all the images my good SLR camera has taken won't give me a "preview" when I go to view them on the computer.  VERY annoying when you have thousands of images to view !!! Today, I am determined that it 'MUST be fixed'.  I called a friend at a camera shop and after my disconnected explanation he graciously gave me Canon's tech support number! The poor tech support guy had no idea what was coming at him....lol! After holding for 15+ minutes, a voice on the other end says, "how may I help you", to which I reply, "where do we start??" He got basic information then I tried explaining it my disconnected brain what was going on.  He was not amused that I didn't know if I had a '32 or 64 bit operating system'.  I thought I was doing good knowing I had Windows 7.  To make a long story short, the whole problem was the 'shooting' mode accidentally got changed to a more advanced one that can only be viewed using Canon software, GREAT.  It was a quick, 'hit this, hit that button' and a very unamused tech support guy and my problem was solved, never mind that I have been fixated on this for DAYS maybe even weeks now!!!! By this time, I was so tired my head literally felt "fuzzy" as it does when I have had to think too much!!! Ah, the joys of being me now! But, now I can preview my pictures and that sure makes me very, very happy!

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