Monday, March 14, 2011

Just a few thoughts................

This weekend I attended a women's conference at our church. I just had to share one of the stories our speaker told about being a newlywed and missionary. About 6 months after getting married she and her husband were called to the mission field in South America (Columbia). A few years later she returned to the United States to attend a family gathering. Traveling home with an 18 month old and pregnant with her second child was no easy task. While at home she got a stomach bug. Unable to travel back to South America in that condition she stayed behind for a few extra days while her husband returned to the mission field. When she was strong enough to return she found herself at the airport with a small child in tow. In a last moment of weakness, she recalls finding a phone and calling her mom. "Mom, I can't do this, I just can't go back. It is too hard, I don't know the language and it is just going to be too hard to go back there, if I go back I am just know I am going to die". Her mother's response went something like this "You have to go back. You may die but you can't disobey God! Your father is going to meet you at the airport, his plane should just be getting in." Moments later, her father finds her, "Daddy" she says, "I just can't go back there, it is just too hard". Her father picked up the child, set her in the stroller and began walking to the gate where his daughter and granddaughter were to depart from. She went and God blessed her obedience relaying that if she hadn't gone she would not have been standing there encouraging hundreds of women. What struck me most about her story was her parents steadfast, determined response to their daughter's plea. Talk about "tough love", I know it wasn't easy for them to send her back, but they did anyway.

This morning I woke up utterly exhausted from a busy weekend and the new time change. I knew I had a doctor appointment in the afternoon that I really shouldn't cancel last minute so I dragged myself out of bed. As I wiped the sleep buggers from my eyes my heart muttered, "I just can't do it today, it is just too hard". To add to the confusion, our house is upside down in preparation for new rugs on Saturday! YAY for a wonderful hubby that thinks ahead! So, our mattress is on the floor. There is no nightstand to put my glasses on so I can find them the next morning and my dresser is in the dining area. So, I just have to hope I grabbed everything I need to get dressed or I risk having to run back out to the dining room for the necessary items. After a few trips back and forth, I knew I needed to refocus. I sat down to eat breakfast and do my devotions. You know what I read about? I'll tell you; worried disciples who thought the waves were going to kill them. Do you know that my heart was STILL muttering, "I'm just so tired, I don't think I can do this today". You know what the answer was "of course YOU can't, but with ME you can, oh you of little faith". So I prayed for Grace to sustain me through the rest of the day, safety as I traveled and wisdom in making decisions. I did indeed make it though the day and even got a good doctor report! Thank you Lord!

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