Friday, April 19, 2013

thoughts on the "Dove Real Beauty Sketches"

CLICK HERE to watch the Dove Real Beauty Sketches video

So, maybe it is my psychology minor still buried deep down that makes this video fascinating! As one who has always struggled with "self esteem", for no good reason other than the lies created in her own head, I wonder how I would "see myself".  I wonder as survivors, "how do we see ourselves?" Do we still see ourselves as the broken shadows of what our aneurysms/TBIs have left behind? Does this define us? I know that wasn't the point of this video but it made me think.  How do others really see me? More importantly, how does God see me, when he looks at my heart? I fear, the sketch I would tell you to draw might be that of a tired shell of a girl with a dent left in her forehead  struggling every day to make "her story count for Christ." I'd have it no other way! I'll keep my dent, I'll keep my scars, I'll struggle with fatigue and confusion and try to remember to put a smile on my face simply because I'm alive! I'll pray they have helped to create true beauty inside, the kind that doesn't fade and isn't altered by superficial things!

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