Friday, March 8, 2013

dead battery!

I had two appointments to go to Wednesday! After finishing the first one I was very exhausted and very early to the second one.  Trying to respect my limits I decided to turn my Jeep off, pull out the pillow in my back seat, lay my seat back and take a cat nap before my second appointment! After resting for about an hour I climbed out of my Jeep and tried to tackle my second appointment, although I was still exhausted!!! When climbing out of my Jeep, my "idiot beep" went off telling me to turn my lights off!  Oops, good thing there is an annoying beep.  I thought I hadn't really rested that long (I still have a poor sense of time, it only gets worse with fatigue as everything else) the battery was probably fine! Out of my appointment an hour later, now thoroughly exhausted I  climb back into my Jeep. I decide I will start it and let it get warmed up while I "rest my eyes" for a few minutes before attempting to drive! I put the key in and tried to start it.......moaning sounds are made, the pathetic moaning of a battery completely out of juice and it's driver is too!! So, take a deep breath and call your hubby!! The poor man finally answers his phone while I eat humble pie again, and tell him what I have done! He was still out on a service call an hour away and assured me he would come get me right away if I couldn't find anyone to help me jump my Jeep (he keeps me well stocked with jumper cables and basic tools, "just in case".)  Determined to save him from rescuing me and going WAY out if his way after a 12+ hour work day I decide to look for help, now what I haven't told you is that I am at "Living Resources" for cognitive training, they have programs for individuals with all sorts if disabilities!  The first person to come by was a "transportation aide" of some sort.  He informed me he was on a "very tight schedule" and wouldn't be able to loan me a few minutes to jump my Jeep! Knowing N was there to rescue me, I remained amazingly calm, for me! The building I had come from was now locked but I saw movement inside so I began to pound on the door.  Some poor soul, (also the one the time stressed van was there for) opened the door and let the crazy (me) in!  Everyone in the lobby was waiting for a ride and was obviously not concerned about my predicament, although between their disability and mine,  they may not have understood exactly what I needed! The first person with a "Living Resources" badge on was now my target!  The poor lady agreed to help me as much as she could but overhearing my plea, another gentleman also with a badge offered to help me jump my Jeep! Ah, the sweet relief of a willing, knowledgeable stranger!! Now, please know that I have used jumper cables before, before my aneurysm! Poor N has reviewed the procedure with me but I am still scared of hooking those things up to the battery! Electricity scares me! The "good Samaritan" brings his car over to mine (which was backed in to the parking spot just as my hubby has instructed me to do just in case I ever need to jump my Jeep) hooks it up as he walks me through what he is doing. He certainly understood working with people who have disabilities as he spoke slowly and calmly.  He then even instructed me not to try to start my Jeep until he beeped his horn.  He told me this like 3 times, well played my new friend, well played.  He beeped the horn and my Jeep turned right over! Still concerned that this "happens often", (I suppose by looking at my vehicle you may conclude this), he recommends I get a new battery! Thankful for the kind gesture I assure him I just left my lights on while I took a nap since I have never had a problem before, and my husband was very good about taking care of it!! Of course, as would any "Good Samaritan" would, he refused my offer to give him something for his trouble!  His kind act truly saved my day as small as he thought it may be!  Thank you "Good Samaritan", may your good deed not go unnoticed!!

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