Monday, April 4, 2011

A Little Perspective, Please :-)

When you live in an exhausted state every day, the next 'meltdown' is always right around the corner! I got a migraine aura last Tuesday, so I spent the day in a quiet, dark room trying to sleep, since that is all that helps. With that being said, it still totally wipes me out for several days! I pushed myself and went to work on Wednesday morning, since budget cuts have already left circulation without needed help. I mostly rested Thursday and Friday, only doing what was absolutely necessary. Saturday, was my Saturday to work (just 11am-4pm). This is an hour longer than my usual shift and Saturday is especially busy. I was given necessary Grace and survived the craziness. After a nap, Nate called and wanted me to meet him for dinner at a good friend's house. After a wonderful dinner, I was following him home. As we were almost home, there was a cop with his lights on and two cars pulled off on both sides of the road. Cautiously driving past them I noticed a deer laying quietly in the ditch, and I knew it must have been badly wounded. Just as I drive past I hear a bang (gun shot). I know it is the humane thing to do and I have no moral objection to putting it out of its misery. Still, I am feeling pretty sad about the deer. Now, if you know me you know that my father and husband are both avid hunters and even enjoy displaying their trophies on the wall (yes, my living room walls have three deer heads on them). I am not particularly fond of them but I really love my husband!So, you would think that I would not be so affected by what I heard and imagined just happened to that wounded deer. It doesn't matter, I am a softy and I was very bothered by this situation. Nate, always the rational, practical one, reminds me of my silliness. I went to bed that night, honestly, a little sad about the deer. At about midnight, Nate woke me up to ask me the first name of someone in our church. I don't wake up quickly and couldn't come up with a first name. A bit annoyed, I ask "why". He said someone was killed at an intersection a few miles from our house. Suddenly, that silly deer was truly not such a big deal! Please join me in praying for the Murphy family. A father is left behind with two teenage sons(14 &17yrs), one of them(14)is currently fighting for his life at Albany Med. Please pray for healing and peace for their family during this difficult time! My heart is very heavy for everyone involved! There has not been one day in the last 6 years that I haven't thought about being ready in case today is your last. This just made it very real again, and even this "walking, talking miracle" has to be reminded that God is in control and we will be on this earth the exact number of days God has ordained for us!

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