Tuesday, October 12, 2010

EEG Results

My neurologist called me last week (maybe before) and told me the results of the EEG (Brainwave test looking for seizure activity) was "good". He called my cell phone while grocery shopping and says "Lisa, good news, we found brainwaves". Since I was in the middle of shopping my sense of humor was turned off at the moment. Also, when speaking on the phone I tend to take things way too literally because I get no 'body language cues' like when speaking in person (and that is even hard for me still). "That's good, right?" I replied. He apologized, recognizing that I seemed not like my usual self. He explained he was trying to make a joke. That made me relax and we had a good laugh about it. He is going to monitor my migraine auras to see if we can figure out a trigger and avoid more scans of the brain. Please pray that I could have a peace and not focus on these auras. You see, I have lost the "filter or cap" that keeps you from obsessing needlessly about things. I admit, this was never easy for me so you can only imagine how bad it is now! Love and Blessings!

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