Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel

We were blessed by going on vacation with our dear friends to the Outer Banks last week. To get there we had to go through the Chesapeake Bay tunnel. As we were driving through this analogy came to mind. I almost feel like the last five years (since my aneurysm) have been spent living in this figurative tunnel. It feels dark and scary sometimes and you have no choice but to go through it or drown. You see, for five years much of my emotion has been stripped away making me feel like I just exist! It is only recently that some of the "normal" human emotions and feelings have returned without just pretending they are there, because I knew they should have been. But now, after living without them, how does one handle or deal with them appropriately without a great deal of anxiety? It seems like doctors just say "this is normal" and try to throw another pill at me. I want someone to teach me again how to deal with it without having a meltdown! Now part of my problem, I understand, is that parts of my brain have literally died from the blood irritation after rupture so other parts have to take over functions they normally would not be designed to do. But I act so "normal", right? Ah, the inner workings of the brain :) So, for now, I am thankful for each new day I am given no matter how well I deal with its contents!

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d_hilty96 said...

Once again my friend I can take a breath and smile because I dont feel as though I am on the journey of recovery all alone.....Thank You!!