Thursday, May 6, 2010

a true story..................

Okay, so I got home from grocery shopping and was cleaning neurotically to unwind(this is after crashing for a nap, of course). I was listening to Twila Paris' song "God is in Control" because I still need to be reminded from time to time, when I saw today's mail sitting on the bar. Being highly "distractable", I sat down and began to open it, forgetting I was cleaning. The first letter I open is from the insurance company notifying me that our plan was terminated as of 4/1/10. The events of the last five years started flashing before my eyes and I must admit I could feel a panic attack coming on. So, I call poor Nate, who is at work, and tell him. Then the same events flash before his mind and he tells me he will take care of it right away. In the meantime, "God is in Control" is still playing softly in the background. I prayed about it and decided I needed to truly live what I believe; no panic attack. I continued to pray and called the Insurance company as Nate had instructed me. As it turns out, there was some simple "eligibility issue" between Nate's company and the insurance company. We were indeed fully covered with no lapse in coverage.
Also, Nate has taken another job (same industry, different company). His last day with his current company is tomorrow. This has been a very stressful few weeks to say the least!!! God is good :)

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