Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's okay, Mom!

My mom came to visit me yesterday. We went to a couple of plant sales right around my house. It was a blast, then we headed for the mall :) While we were there, I was talked into upgrading my 'broken' cell phone (long story). After almost having a meltdown over it all because of all the questions I was asked to be able to do this and the loud background noise in the mall. My poor mom saw the "SOS" in my eyes and quickly got me to a quiet table near the back of the food court and got me a drink and a chicken quesadilla to help restore me!! As we were sitting there in silence, a severely disabled man pulled up at the table right next to us, my back was to him but my mom was facing him. Opening his bag of Combos was so exhausting for him that his head lightly fell forward and he fell sound asleep worn out by the effort it took. I saw my mom keeping an eye on him to make sure he was okay, and didn't need help. Then, as the man fell asleep, my mom's eyes filled with tears and she got up and threw our trash away. I looked back at the poor man all slumped over and knew right away why my mom had such a strong reaction. That is what doctors told Nate and my family would likely be my fate. I got up and wanted to hug my mom and say "It's okay, Mom" but I knew doing so would only create a scene in the mall as inevitably we would both be sobbing in the middle of the food court. Sometimes I forget that my family is all "recovering from my aneurysm too". This just reminded me of that!!


Anonymous said...

You know, they're good at telling us we're susceptible to PTSD, but you're quite correct. Our families are also experiencing stuff. I know I scared my children witless. Hubby is hanging in there the best way he can, but I noticed he was on the irritable side just the other day and I mentioned that perhaps he had PTSD from this little episode. Yikes. He did have a terrible dream in which I apparently walked off the edge of a bridge (3-stories high) that had no railing. :-O We just celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary this week.

Good luck and continue to heal! You're here for a reason and God may be the only One who knows why, but you sound as if you're dealing pretty good with it. Stay strong.


Farmgirl said...

You are a daily reminder to me of God. It's amazing to watch how far you've come from the night we visited with you and your family at the hospital. Blessings!