Friday, March 26, 2010

Just makes me laugh.......

So last night, Nate graciously watched "The Ugly Truth" with me. At the end of the movie there was a conversation that went like this....

"Mike Chadway: yeah it is scary, it’s terrifying, especially when I’m in love with a psycho like you!

Abby Richter: I am not a psycho!

Mike: I just told you that I love you and all you heard was psycho?! well you’re the definition of neurotic!

Abby: No! the definition of neurotic is a person who suffers from anxiety, obsessive thoughts, compulsive acts and—and physical ailments without any objective evidence of—

Mike: Shut up! …Then again, I just told you I’m in love with you and you’re standing here giving me a vocabulary lesson?

Abby: You’re in love with me … Why?

Mike: … ? but I am"

So, Nate looks over at me and smiles. He doesn't even have to say anything, I know what he is thinking "Lisa that is SO YOU". I laughed and said, "yes, yes it is" then followed by a teasing "but you knew that when you married me". We both smiled. Nate says "I'll still love you". We both smile and go about our evening!

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