Saturday, September 29, 2012


I saw my neurology PA on Monday!  I "talked" my dad into coming with me so I could keep things straight and remember what they told me.  They confirmed that scans all look good (they let me physically read the reports for myself, I must have a 'red flag' in my file, I didn't even have to neurotically ask). No concerns stemming from the aneurysm, that is a relief to hear, again.  The general consensus is.....migraine (aura came Friday night) caused numb face and hand is unrelated with an irritated median nerve from the curled stroke hand all the time.  I am now wearing a wrist guard 24/7 to keep the left side from curling because realistically, I can't think about keeping it uncurled ALL the time, I still have to live life, cook dinner, do laundry, grocery shop, the usual things that take incredible brainpower now!!

I must say in the ER I was more overloaded than I have been in years.  I literally could not focus long enough to follow a finger with my eyes! So glad Nate was there with me! Although, amazingly, the neurologist seeing me picked up on it right away as she asks, "are you having trouble concentrating?" This week I decided I was going to limit my daily activities and not "push through" each day doing 'WAY TOO MUCH'.  A couple days earlier this week, I didn't even have the strength or energy to get out of bed so, I just stayed there! I was SO wiped out I was not convinced my involuntary muscles would even keep going (you know like your heart pumping blood, your lungs breathing in air).  I haven't crashed that hard in awhile!  I guess three, four hour mornings in one week at work is still way too much for this injured brain.  Lesson learned. Please remind me if I forget or try to push it again!  My brain DOES NOT 'just bounce back' (this is confirmed by renown neuro-psychologist, I didn't just make it up).  That being said, I had to miss out on a family gathering for my cousin's 18th birthday (Happy 18th Birthday M), I hate missing things I would love to be at but I am learning: NEW LIMITS WITH ACCEPTANCE AND JOY!

Just because this picture makes me smile!!  -Author of Picture Unknown

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Have a good coming week and no more problems. We are very happy that all checked out fine. You are always in our prayers.