Thursday, August 30, 2012

*Deep Breath*

Today(now yesterday) started out more promising than earlier this week.  It was cool out this morning and cloudy!! Just the way I like it! I am still really, really crashing from two weeks of nonstop busy! I think from now on, if I am feeling like I am "being asked too much" I should just say 'no' to whatever it is! 
I had to be at a doctor appointment at 3 pm, I left EXTRA early so I could drop off extra tomatoes to my neighbor! Of course, the second I left my house......OUT CAME THE SUN! *deep breaths* On the way there, I ran into stopped traffic......miles and miles of sitting cars!  Now, there is glare off every windshield for miles! I try to keep my eyes on the road! After awhile, I decided to be nice to the Jeep and turn the AC off since we weren't moving.  Now, there I was sitting, sweating, avoiding sun glare, and overloaded by all the commotion around me! I was just thankful I decided to wear the more "toxic" deodorant instead of the all natural, but less effective stuff!!!! Thankfully, when I did look up I saw the vehicle right next to me was an ambulance and that made me feel a little better, you know, just in case you should need one (neurotic right??- that these thoughts go through my broken mind)By this time, I am now almost late to my appointment instead of arriving insanely early and sitting in the waiting room reading to unwind before my appointment because I knew I had a million questions for the poor doctor!
I did make it to my appointment but was visibly "frazzled" as I had no idea if my insurance had changed or what my address is! *deep breaths* No wonder everyone in every office knows me by name!! Sometimes, it gives me a complex though, I must admit!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa-
Good girl you made it through all that extra stuff. I hope you have a quiet day today-