Friday, July 27, 2012

Dear summer,

Dear summer,
  You have officially worn me out with the constant busy, busy, busy! From now on "NO, is a complete sentence." But,  just when I feel like staying in bed and turning off all electronic devices that connect me to the rest of the world, a friend sent me an article about an Irish Olympian overcoming SEVERAL serious "set backs" in life. With stubborn persistence he carried on  and will be competing in London (my favorite city) this summer.  His name, Kieran Behan (just click on his name for the story) but his story touches my heart and has shamed me out of my, "poor me" attitude that creeps in sometimes from being just so tired all the time!! So, now I will have a struggle between my American pride and my "brain injury" connection.  Sorry America, I'm routing for a fellow survivor even though in my book, he has already won!!!!!


caregiver said...

Beautiful post Lisa. Keep on enjoying life and resting as you need to. You, too, are a real winner in my book. Hug, gin

Vonnie said...

Great post & Great article. Thanks