Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I had an angiogram done on 1/25. It has been two years since the last one. The results were really good. The clips are holding and no other signs of problems with that aneurysm. Also, Dr. Boulos told me that my bypass which had shut down shortly after surgery was now open. He says this "never happens, once a bypass shuts down it stays that way". For some reason, I needed to use that bypass again. I personally think it is just a reminder that God is in control, not science, or medicine or even skilled doctors. These are merely tools God uses at His command! The sedation that was used really affected me this time around and with the high risk of stroke from the procedure, Nate and my mom were worried for some time after. My memory was like Swiss cheese again. I could retain little to no new information. It is normal for those with TBI (traumatic brain injury) to respond differently to sedation drugs and take longer to "come out of it". It was a terrible feeling! It was like I knew I had asked these questions and should know the answer but just couldn't. It reminded me to be thankful for how far I have come since the early days of diagnosis. I am thankful I have learned strategies for remembering things and piecing events together in a meaningful way! I also am so thankful each day for the days and events I have gotten to be part of since surviving my aneurysms. I was able to not only go to, but got to be in my sister's wedding, I got to meet three nieces and a nephew. I was able to attend Ellie's wedding and Cory's wedding! I was able to go to Jessie's baby shower and meet each year at the outlets in Waterloo for Christmas shopping. I am thankful each morning for waking up and getting out of bed all by myself. I am thankful I can look at a cereal box and recognize it is a cereal box!!! Most of all though, I am so thankful that God sent me a man to love me unconditionally through sickness and health, in good times and bad! Nate is amazing and not only does he still tell me every day that he loves me but he shows me too by protecting me and trying to make life easier for me every day. The snow is always scraped from my car when I go to get in it, the washer fluid is always full(and I could go on and on). These are only a very few of the MANY MANY things I am thankful for, and praise the Lord for daily! There are just so many little things I am thankful for each day now that I used to take for granted. I certainly don't have things all worked out but I am so thankful for so many blessings.

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